Director's Message

Dear Aspirant,

Welcome and thank you for choosing to visit the website of Shri Jairambhai Patel Institute of Business Management and Computer Applications (SJPI)!

As the Director of SJPI, strengthening our MBA Programme through our faculty members and students while serving the developing world is our priority. Our mission is to provide conducive learning environment with value-based quality education, industrial exposure, training and research to build professional proficiency amongst individuals equipped with moral values. With our far-reaching approach, research- oriented and relevance-based practices, SJPI is an institution that is dedicated to building an environment that fosters intellectual freedom

The Institute was established in 1999 under the aegis of National Institute of Cooperative Management Society and has grown impressively in numbers and in quality. For years SJPI has been educating young men and women who entered its community and attained their transformation into responsible citizens and leaders of corporates. By joining SJPI, you are embarking on an education system that is meant to be transformative – scholastically, socially and personally. “To Create global leaders of excellence in management and research for societal development” is our guiding principle which is reflected in every activity of the Institute. Our Handbook clarifies those values and standards and we expect you to honour them in your conduct as a student in the Institute.

The Institute nurtures leaders of tomorrow who are capable of making difference in the society. We work very closely with the industry and actively seek the participation of industry leaders through various activities and internship programmes. This also helps us to keep our offerings current and relevant as per the needs of the industry.

SJPI Gandhinagar is striving for research-driven postgraduate management education. We are constantly endeavouring towards creating an education system with multifaceted outcomes including research, entrepreneurship, leadership, and above all, responsible citizenship.

Looking forward to welcome you to the Institute!!

Harishchandra Singh Rathod