SJPI has three separate Hostel Blocks for boys, girls and executives with an intake capacity of 132 boys, 48 girls and 100 executives. All the hostels are well furnished and have the required facilities.

Students’ Hostel :

The institute has Modern and well furnished Two separate hostels for boys and girls respectively. Both hostels are located in the institute’s campus and having all required facilities such as in-door and out-door sports facilities, medical and counseling facilities, recreation and entertainment facilities etc.

Executive Hostel :

SJPI regularly conducts need based MDP’s and EDPs on various aspects of management for a different cadre of executives from the corporate/cooperative sector of the state. To make the stay of executives comfortable and homely during their training period, the institute provides accommodation to executives in its luxurious executive hostel. Total 100 executives can be accommodated in the executive hostel.

Hostel life is an integral part of the SJPI’s academic program, and hostel stay is highly insisted though it is not compulsory for all students admitted to the Institute. Hostel life revolves basically around 3 D’s – Discipline, Duty and Devotion.

SJPI’s learning system of integral education mirrors to a large extent the tried and tested principles. The philosophy of the SJPI’s hostels is based on the approach of community living wherein each one helps other. Students hailing from different parts of the State and the country, diverse cultures and varied economic and financial backgrounds live together and share infrastructure available in a twin-sharing room.

The Hostel is a miniature model of the world outside with people of different habits, temperaments, living style, language and outlook staying together and working. This develops the qualities of understanding and adjustment and sharing and caring amongst the students. It nurtures virtues like adaptability, tolerance and sacrifice, helping students develop into noble and responsible citizens. The director states, “The medium of instruction in this institute is discipline. Hard work, sincerity and enthusiasm for learning are the first, second and third languages.” This gets actually translated into action in the life at the hostel.

The Hostel is a self sufficient unit housing all the basic necessities of the students. This enables minimal movement of students outside the hostel premises. To minimize the possible external negative influences, the students are encouraged to read only inspiring literature, listen to elevating music and view meaningful audio visuals. In keeping with the traditional culture of the hostel, the students consume only vegetarian and nutritious food prepared by dedicated service-oriented people in the mess.

Hostel Facilities :

Medical Facilities : There is a well-equipped medical dispensary under the care of a medical practitioner, who visit the institute twice in a week and whose services are available to all students free of charge.

Multi-Purpose Hall : The hostel has a large hall, which is used for various purposes. It serves as a dining hall, prayer hall as well as a performance hall for various extra-curricular and co-curricular activities of the hostel.

Hostel Mess: The hostel mess caters to the food and nutritional requirements of the students. They are served a well-balanced and vegetarian diet. The menu for all meal sessions is changed regularly to provide variety and wholesome nourishment. The kitchen is well maintained to ensure high standards of hygiene. It is also well furnished with modem cooking equipments.

Other in-house facilities: Apart from the above-mentioned facilities, the hostel has a number of other in-house services to make the stay of the students at the hostel a pleasant experience including recreation facilities and indoor and outdoor games and sports.